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Words and truths.

“There’s a good story a friend of mine has a hard time telling. A few years ago she was asked to work on the website of a large, public institution, and they approached her to see if she could come up with something that would last the organization 2 to 3 years. The budget was $7,000 dollars. She scoffed at the budget, but saw the opportunity of the project, and managed to negotiate a higher price of $10,000. Fair enough. The work went as planned, the site launched on time to the delight of the client, and everyone was happy. The new site was revealed in correspondence with a fancy, black-tie event, which my friend was dutifully invited to attend as a thanks for her work.

Sitting in the middle of the banquet hall was a giant ice sculpture. Marveling, she walked up to get a closer look. “Amazing, isn’t it?” asked the man next to her. “It’s hard to believe they could spend $15,000 on an ice sculpture just for this little party for us. I wonder what they’ll do with it once it’s almost melted at the end of the night.”

Continue reading Frank Chimero’s “Holiday”. Lot to take with those words. Well played, Mr. Chimero.

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