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Why do we do this?

It’s not because we’re exceptionally talented, super-smart individuals. It’s more about getting dirty. And engaged. It’s about the gritty art of communication and the ability to organize information in such a manner that’s readily accepted and digested by a viewer who is bombarded daily with societal pollution. It’s about taking a message, a story, an idea and repackaging it to ensure that it’s the most well-told story ever recited. It’s about finding a balance between artwork, elements and messages that, when combined with the right formula, resonate with someone at sometime. Suffice it to say, we’re passionate about this whole graphic design thing.

Contact Gary Schroer in Kansas City with any questions/comments/concerns. Or to make fun of him. Things started in 2001 and we’ve built a tight network of clients and collaborators that make it all possible. Our clients inspire us and we hope we return the favor.